Day No. 1:

My First Light Bulb

January 16, 2016

I woke up and immediately felt panic.


The usual cookie or piece of chocolate waiting for me on my nightstand was not an option :/.

I ate a very bland banana…. I was told my taste buds would “repair” themselves this week from not eating processed sugar, so I didn’t expect the banana to be particularly decadent.

Lunch time I ordered a gyro plate at a greek cafe. I skipped the usual greek salad because of the sweetener in the dressing.

The guy suggested salad without dressing…… ¬†So, dry lettuce and feta?

No thanks, I’ll have the humus. Water. No soda.

I started to salivate for Dr. Pepper mid-meal. I’m pretty sensitive to the taste of salt, so it dawned on me:

I think I may need sugar to offset the salt in food.

Sugar has the last word. I feel like a meal isn’t complete without the treat or dessert at the end

Like a sentence with no period. Blatantly bad grammar drives me crazy

(Did that missing period drive you nuts, too?)

Like I said in my Quick Disclaimer post, the point of me taking this challenge is to become more aware of how added sugar affects me, so I went back to work and did some research on my lunch experience epiphany.

I found a great article, Why Do People Crave Sweets After a Meal?, that gave me a lot of insight. It touches on the brain chemistry and neurotransmitters, childhood habits (almost a Pavlovian reaction), and hypoglycemia.

Back to work after no sugar fix at lunch, and I was still having trouble concentrating, so I grabbed an orange; my swirling thoughts slowed, and I felt like my feet were on the ground again.

I asked myself why anyone would ever live this way. I mean not having any sugar other than fruit. But I am going through the stages of a detox, so it’s probably a lot different than maintaining a diet without added sugar.

Sugar has the last word. I feel like a meal isn’t complete without the treat or dessert at the end

I stocked up on fruits to help me survive the week – pineapple, kiwis, raspberries, blackberries. I highly recommend them, especially pineapple because it is so high in sugar, it helped deter me from going after the shortbread cookies I forgot to get rid of.

1AM (when I normally wake up because I need some kind of chocolate fix or something) I ate an entire box of raspberries. Not hard to do, by the way.. I can’t believe they actually sell raspberries in such a pathetic size. The raspberries helped a lot.

That was day 1 for me. I would love to hear if anyone else has trouble with sugar cravings in the middle of the night or after meals.