January 16, 2016


This blog/website is in no way intended to try to force anyone to quit eating sugar, even though a lot of the content on here seems to support the research that suggests excess sugar is not exactly optimal for your health.

The sole reason I am taking this 5-day Sugar Awareness Challenge is in the name – Awareness. I want to become more AWARE of the impact that sugar has on me. In fact, I have no intention of “quitting sugar”… ever.

There is such a thing as healthy sugar.

There are healthy types of sugars that naturally occur in honey, fruit, etc. Of course, anything in excess can become toxic and unhealthy, from my experience.

“Unhealthy sugar” usually means processed sugars, not natural sugars. For the purpose of the challenge, I am not eating anything with sugar in it except for fruit for 5 days (3 1/2 now).

That being said: Here was my “last super” Sunday Night: Afters! For those of you who are not familiar with Nirvana, Afters is famous for their Krispy-Kreme-like glazed donut and ice cream sandwich (add Oreos).