The Sugar Awareness Challenge

Can you do it?

Take our challenge!

Omit sugar from your diet for 5 days.

Have you ever not had sugar for that many days before?  Could you even omit the sugar for one day?

I am asking you to become aware of how a substance that is in almost every processed food we eat is affecting you.

The United States is experiencing an obesity and diabetes crises. Diet foods, exercise, gastro-bypass surgeries do not make a lasting difference.

You owe it to yourself to find out how this substance is affecting your body, mind, emotions, and life.

You will become aware of how hard it is to find foods that do not contain some form of sugar.

Sometimes sugar will be the first ingredient listed, but many times you will find many forms of sugar listed so it is not the first ingredient listed. (Ingredients are listed in order of concentration.)

Cane Crystals
Evaporated Cane Juice
Maltose Dextrose
Corn Sweetener
High Fructose Corn Syrup
Fruit Juice Concentrates

Just try it for 5 days and tell us about it!

Go to our guest forum and ask questions, tell us about how you feel – physically, mentally, and emotionally.
Did you have withdrawals?  Did you feel more energized?
We’re excited to hear about your experience!
MJ, Your Breast Cancer BFF
I LOVE your site! Did you know sugar FEEDS cancer tumors ! I wish you would you would please add Breast Cancer to your list of diseases caused by sugar Women NEED TO KNOW this !

A said:
I have not eaten refined sugar for almost a year now. I still have natural sugar from fruit etc but nothing with 'sugar' as an ingredient. It's hard but you will feel a LOT better if you stick with it! I lost so much weight.

Megan said:
Are you counting natural sugars that are in fruit as well? For example a medium banana is about 34 grams of carbohydrates and 18grams of sugar. Or only refined or added sugars? Thanks!

Kay said:
I could not stop. I took the Sugar Awareness Scale on this website and it said I definitely have a problem with sugar. I was thinking about it or eating it all day. Help!

Craig said:
I got the flu. I heard that flu-like symptoms could be from sugar withdrawal. Is this true?

Janet said:
I am on Day 2 and I am craving a candy bar. Will it pass?

Sarah said:
The pdf downloads ok now. I can't believe how hard it is to find foods without sugar. It's in everything!!!!

Connie said:
I don't eat sugar, but I have been eating artificial sweeteners. I'm going to try to omit them for the next five days to see what happens. I'll let you know.

Paul said:
Does artificial sweetener count?

Jane said:
I can not go one day without sugar! What is wrong with me?

Shirley said:
Sugar is toxic beyond its calories. Sugar should be controlled like alcohol and tobacco to protect public health, according to a team of UCSF researchers.

Helen said:
Dr Kesslers book explains the significance of sugar/fat/salt in our diet and how the combination of all three is lethal.

Lisa said:
I believe sugar can be addictive. Processed sugar and corn syrup are scary stuff.

Kelly said:
A lot of treatment centers across the country focus on eating intuitive and listening to hunger and fullness cues and to not be afraid of fear foods such as things like sweets.

Chris said:
too much sugar=a hangover for me

David said:
Sugar( Sweets) causes urges that lead to binges and weight gain and a pissy attitude and blaming.

Rachel said:
I treat eating disorders in a holistic way and do not advocate cutting anything out of ones diet, no matter what ED they are struggling with.