My Sugar Challenge Diary

One of our main contributors blogs about her experience as she takes the National Sugar Awareness Week Challenge!


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January 15, 2016

Have I ever gone FIVE days without sugar?  NO.

Have I ever wanted to omit sugar for that long?  Absolutely not.

Do I still want to try it now that I’m more aware of the negative effects that sugar causes?  

I feel kind of guilty for admitting this, but still “no”.

The negative commercials about high fructose corn syrup didn’t even phase me.  I wish I could say that knowledge is power, but in my case, it’s not.  I love sugar.

Countdown to National Sugar Awareness Week








That being said, I found myself, as one of the design contributors to this site, posting research studies that I am shocked by.  

So, to avoid feeling like a hypocrite, I am taking the Sugar Awareness Challenge as an experiment, and in honor of the National Sugar Awareness Week – the third week of January.

I took the Sugar Awareness Quiz.  My results didn’t tell me I was at risk of needing rehab or anything, but when I was answering the questions I realized something…  I am TERRIFIED of going 5 days without sugar.  

I eat so much of it that I think if I were to omit it without replacing it with anything I would starve.

The negative commercials about high fructose corn syrup didn’t even phase me.

So my challenge starts Monday.  I’m anxious about it.  I’ve been “preparing” by eating more cookies that I normally do.  (I’ve basically validated all of that research that says ‘when you tell yourself you’re going on a diet, you actually want that food more than you normally do’).  No wonder diets don’t work.

I’m cutting out all added sugar, even honey, stevia, agave – all of it.  I’m not saying that honey and agave are bad for you, I’m just cutting it out because I want to see what happens.

Do you have a sugar problem?

I found some relief when I double checked with the main person behind Sugar Awareness Week about fruit.  Fruit is okay, as long as it is JUST fruit.  No fruit juice, or fruity candy, or fruit soaking in fruit juice.  Just plain fruit.  

I’m going to check ingredient on packages.  For example, Trader Joe’s Kung Pao Chicken is off limits because the amazing sauce has sugar in it.  Sad face.

Check back to read about my week.  I would love to hear about anyone else who is thinking of taking the challenge, or is taking it with me!