As an eating disorder clinic we consistently see what happens with clients who have an addiction to sugar and what happens when they stop the sugar. When they eat sugar they get a sugar rush, then their blood sugar levels drop, they become tired and sleepy, they become depressed then they crave more.

Millions of people have these same occurrences when they ingest sugar. Millions of people are addicted to this substance. Some have not realized it, most have, but chose to deny it and remain on the rollercoaster of diets and binges.

The “food” manufactures know it is toxic and addictive; they put it there to make us want more, to feel that we must have more. The billion-dollar diet industry certainly knows it. 70+ million Americans are on a diet.

The healthcare industry knows it. We are getting sicker because our addiction to sugar as well as our eating habit in general have weaken our immune system. Certainly, we can find studies to support any opinion, but every one of us is different and the effects of sugar vary.

When a person has the courage to realize that their relationship to food is out of alignment or is one of addiction, they can begin to change it. Many people have found that once they are freed from the bondage of sugar, their cravings and binges go away, they are less depressed, they maintain a normal weight without dieting or obsessing and they are able to improve their total health.